Teamwork and Teambuilding

Did you see this?… 49% of employees say career development, mentorship and training is sorely lacking, and one quarter say they are less productive than in 2020, as reported by Hubspot.

This is just as much of a team issue as it is an individual matter. And through focusing on teamwork and teambuilding, these challenges can be addressed very effectively.

As you lead yourself and your teams through these times filled with change and uncertainty, the time you give to an action plan can and will make a positive difference.


Involve your team(s) in a planning process to address these issues.

Draft a personalized assessment, and have everyone take it to discern the unique challenges and opportunities specific to your people.

For each individual and team, set well-defined, clear goals. That is, have written-out plans, co-drafted with you.

Be intentional about having purposeful fun in the process. (It reduces stress, enhances learning, and the shared experience strengthens teams.)

I use carefully designed “edutainment” in every program; entertainment with educational value.

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