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A full day PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST leadership workshop for 50 leaders of Eastern Bank, one of the five largest full-service banks in Massachusetts, and the largest and oldest mutual bank in the nation.


Navigating a rapid state of change, Eastern Bank leaders need to be better prepared, for themselves and for the impact they make on the organization.

Customer service initiatives, new technologies, and rapid growth are challenging all levels of the organization.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to be better prepared for change
  • Gain effective strategies for leading through change
  • Adopt tactics for teaching the strategies to direct reports
  • Engage the leaders with relevant, fun interactivity


A customized, one-day leadership development workshop featuring PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© …As You Navigate Change


  • 8 Leadership strategies for leading yourself and others through change
  • 1 Strategy from Rick’s PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Communication
  • Active planning for immediate, relevant application of the strategies
  • Full-audience participation using Rick’s unique brand of highly engaging and interactive programming
  • Creative integration of Eastern Bank’s historic narrative with many changes since 1818


“Fabulous! We’re going away with the best strategies. I can use them in my every day work. I plan on sharing the strategies with my peers and the employees who work for me as well. Thumbs up.”

—  Carolyn Crowley, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Group, Eastern Bank

“You did an unbelievable job facilitating.”
— Ive P. Gonzalez, VP, Talent Acquisition and Inclusion Director

Thanks for the great workshop. You are one of the best at listening, rephrasing to acknowledge understanding and providing a solid answer with examples that I’ve seen.

I’ve improved in my ability for handling change. With more planning and preparation, I’ve already noticed a difference in productivity.

David Edward James


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR IPRO, a national organization providing a full spectrum of health care assessment and improvement services that foster more efficient use of resources and enhance health care quality to achieve better patient outcomes.


With a new and uncertain competitive landscape driven by the Affordable Care Act, IPRO needed to engage and motivate their 55 directors


  • Learn and apply leadership strategies for dealing with change and to working differently
  • Apply new tools for thinking outside of the box, and define new opportunities that will lead to improving performance
  • Embrace new IPRO initiatives and navigate industry changes
  • Renew their sense of team work and their role as stewards of the IPRO brand


A Two-Day PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© Full Management Meeting

Rick Cram partnered with IPRO’s leadership team to customize his leadership program expressly for their meeting.


  • 7 Points of customization
  • Practical application of 8 leadership strategies
  • Full-audience participation
  • Emphasized IPRO’s brand, mission, history and people
  • Incorporated IPRO’s internal and external dynamics to deal with significant marketplace uncertainty


100% Success rate at winning every contract up for renewal

“Facilitators at previous retreats were not nearly as effective as you. You galvanized us. I personally felt like I was part of a solution. Thank you again for your innovative approach.” —Joseph Avena, Senior Director

“We had a great two days. The staff really found out how to be their best.” —Theodore O. Will, CEO


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR QueBIT, a leader in Business Analytics and Advanced Analytics with IBM Cognos TM1, SPSS, providing training, consulting and implementation support services.


Most of QueBIT’s consultants are Millennials, needing to gain the trust of clients twice their age

Objectives for their annual company meeting:

  • Gain strategies and skills to improve the way they communicate with clients and each other
  • Have fun with an engaging and motivating program
  • Include a special focus on active listening
  • Strengthen their sense of team work
  • Refresh their commitment to the QueBIT brand


A Half-Day Leadership Development Experience Based on Rick’s PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Communicate

Rick Cram customize an interactive program with a focus on advanced communication strategies.


  • 7 Points of customization
  • Practical application of 7 communication strategies
  • Full-audience participation
  • Creative “edutainment” to engage and educate Millennials
  • A QueBIT brand experience included


“Today’s session was very successful and we had a lot of fun in the process.” -Gary Quirke, CEO, QueBIT


EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING FOR Scotiabank, the third largest bank in Canada.


Scotiabank’s mortgage division was facing increased competitive pressure and needed to boost their brand


  • Capture the attention of mortgage brokers across the country
  • Do something bold and different, like their brand
  • Create an engaging program that builds relationships between Scotiabank’s underwriters and 500+ brokers across Canada


A Nationwide Brand-Building Interactive Event Tour

Rick Cram developed and hosted a series of interactive, full-audience participation events that entertained and informed. Using an original game show production that had the brokers and underwriters teaming-up to play and compete for prizes, Rick was able to directly involve over 500 mortgage brokers in eight events.

Formula for success:

  • Create a concept that reflects the uniqueness of the Scotiabank brand
  • Make it highly interactive
  • Use the power of Q&A to make it educational
  • Produce high-quality productions
  • Aggressive promotion about the value of the *experience*


Scotiabank’s mortgage lending surged to a commanding lead in market share.

These are a few of the 500 mortgage brokers who participated in the events and raved about how they experienced something very unique and highly motivating.


CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT FOR THE BOSTON BRUINS, a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, members of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League.


The Boston Bruins raised the price of season tickets by more than 30% and needed to say “thank you” to their thousands of season ticket holders who stayed faithful


  • Create a new and different fan appreciation event in “The Garden”
  • Feature the Boston Bruins team players in a way never before seen by the fans
  • Include opportunities for season ticket holders to be on stage with the Bruins players


“Bruins Game Show Live” Starring the Boston Bruin Players

Rick Cram produced and hosted the first-ever game show event by the Boston Bruins, featuring the entire Bruins team in three interactive games, with numerous opportunities for selected season ticket holders to participate on stage.



Over 5,000 season ticket holders attended and raved it was the “Best event Bruins have held for the fans. Family Feud was hysterical.” -kitode.

IMG_4309-c600 Social media lit up with more applause:

“That was the funniest thing ever! I was in tears I was laughing so hard” –brittanyrossyogabrit

“This was an amazing night, can’t wait to have another one” –hjuppe

“omg this is the greatest” –beccac246

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