Rick has been the speaker of 1,000 talks, and customer or employee engagement events.

Speaking that Engages, Educates and Motivates

Since the very beginning of Rick’s speaking career over 25 years ago, he’s won rave reviews from clients and their audiences for these primary reasons:

  • “Your methodology is much more precise,” as one clients states
  • Each event is highly customized
  • Interactive programs; Rick is a master at the use of “edutainment”
  • Your people can learn and immediately apply his content
  • Rick uniquely connects with everyone and is very motivating


Speaking Topics

Most of his topics are based on PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change and his professional work experiences; others on a combination of business and personal experiences

  • Leadership and Change: how to lead yourself and others through it
  • Communicate to Build Trust-Based Relationships: how to be more influential, assertive and a better listener
  • How to Stay Motivated through Challenging Times
  • Better Brainstorming and Decision-making
  • How to Plan, Really 
  • How to Create or Update a Winning Brand
  • How to Customize a More Successful Event
  • 7 Business Lessons from 7 Knee Operations


Rick Cram leads a motivating professional development program for QueBIT executives and consultants.

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Our goal was to help our young, very smart group of consultants to communicate better with our clients and communicate better with themselves. Rick’s session was very successful and we had a lot of fun in the process.

Gary Quirke, CEO