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Consultant, Facilitator, Strategist

Rick was asked several years ago by the Federal Home Loan Bank’s leadership for help because their managers across the U.S. were experiencing unprecedented challenges and needed effective tools to lead themselves and their teams through changing times. They knew of Rick’s expertise in leadership, planning, communications, and facilitating highly interactive employee engagement programs.

And so Rick developed (and is writing the book) PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© …As You Navigate Change.

It’s a framework of strategies and skills based on his experience in these three areas:

In Business…

Rick has consulted for hundreds of companies and facilitated of over 1,000 conferences, meetings, workshops and engagement events for clients’ employees and customers.

After working in leadership positions on all sides of “the business” (agency, client and major media), Rick founded FullSail Strategic Communications in 2002, providing Fortune 1000 and small businesses alike with comprehensive strategic and creative marketing and communication services. Since 2011 he has been serving clients throughout North America under his brand, Rick Cram – PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST.

In the Community…

As a highly trained facilitator and caregiver for people who are in personal or professional crisis, Rick has provided support and encouragment for hundreds of people, one-on-one and in small group settings.

In His Own Life…

A football injury altered the path of Rick’s life. He’s now had seven surgeries on his left knee, the latest being in 2019; a partial revision of a total knee replacement. He’s needed to rebuild his leg several times over, and through decades of related challenges he’s become an expert on pain management as well as the whole-person effects when change challenges everything.

Rick enjoys fitness, fishing, music, and being on the water every chance he gets.

A Piece of Trivia

Known for his motivational talent, the Boston Bruins asked Rick to host their first-ever game show in the Garden to entertain their 5,000 season ticket holders, starring the Bruins players as the contestants. Ask Rick about the hilarious way it ended.

Specialties Include…

Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Leadership Consulting, Change Leadership, Change Management, Corporate Communications Consulting, Interpersonal Communication Skills Training, Leadership Programs, Professional Speaker, Workshops, Webinars, Keynotes, Consulting, Team Consulting, Strategic Brand Direction, Confidential One-on-One Consulting, Strategic Brainstorming and Decision-making.

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