“The people who
plan to be their best
as they navigate change
are going to be the
most successful.”
My purpose is to improve businesses and lives by equipping you to…


…As You Navigate Change
A virtual gathering to unite us and help you
PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change each day.

Now’s the perfect time to connect with others.

Each Daily features open discussion, ideas,
information and encouragement.

Each day has different discussion topics, including tips on how to navigate these challenging times, how to spend your time while practicing social distancing and remain positive.

Bring your topics, too, as well as your best. I look forward to your joining in…to participate as much as you want or simply listen in.

Limit 12 people per day. First come, first served.

All are welcome. Participate via audio or video.
Daily at 11 a.m. (EDT) | 60 minutes
Connect. Refresh. Grow.
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What is PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change?

…Practical, proven strategies that will turn the challenges of change into action plans that create revitalizing growth in your organization, teams and you.

Leadership Strategies

A methodology of eight strategies for planning and leading yourself and others through change.

Brainstorming & Decision-Making

Use these eight steps for developing better, more insightful ideas…and stronger teams in the process.

Communication Strategies

Seven powerful strategies for your organization and you to be more influential as you build relationships based on trust.

Previous facilitators were not nearly as effective as you. You galvanized us and your methodology was much more precise.
Joseph Avena

Senior Director, Information Systems, IPRO


Great, great program. Apply the strategies to the groups you’re working with. Take what you learned today and tell someone about it.

Vidra Harris

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Human Resources,, Eastern Bank


Rick Cram interviews behavior analysis expert Tyler Fovel.
Ron Yates and Rick Cram on being prepared for change.

Rick has the experience and expertise to play a significant role in the success of your brand, teams and you by equipping you to lead yourself and others through the challenges associated with change.

He specializes in leadership, brainstorming/decision-making and communication strategies and is an expert facilitator and speaker. His programs are uniquely designed as highly engaging learning experiences.

He has consulted for hundreds of companies and been the motivating facilitator or speaker of 1,000 talks, meetings, and customer and employee engagement events.

One piece of trivia: known for his motivational talents, the Boston Bruins asked Rick to host their first-ever game show in the Garden to entertain their 5,000 season ticket holders, featuring the Bruins players as the contestants. Ask him about the hilarious way it ended.

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