Consultant, facilitator and strategist with a smarter way to achieve your goals as you


…As You Navigate Change

Credible. Relevant. Different.
With PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change©,
I consult and facilitate for leadership and management teams and individuals with a more strategic way to plan, make decisions and communicate.

It’s a strategic framework that simultaneously equips you and your teams to lead through change, be more productive and grow closer together as a team.

Rick Cram

Great, great program. Apply the strategies to the groups you’re working with. Take what you learned today and tell someone about it.

Vidra Harris

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Human Resources,, Eastern Bank

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Rick Cram interviews behavior analysis expert Tyler Fovel.
Protocol expert, Judith Bowman, shares insights with Rick Cram…and you.
Ron Yates and Rick Cram on being prepared for change.
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