There’s a plan for that.

Consider this: at the root of all frustrations are expectations not being met.

Of course you’re frustrated.

And you’re not alone.

Look up #frustration on Instagram and you’ll find 371,817 posts. (Now make that 371,818.)

Would you agree that when frustration rages, it’s keeping you from being your best?

As for the plan for that, it’s waiting for you to carefully, compassionately craft it.

Your plan…and mine…begins with coming up with thoughtful and honest answers to these questions:

What are your frustrations? (Make a list. In writing. Something healthy happens when you do.)

How are your frustrations having an impact on keeping you from being your best. (Write it out.)

What would it look like if you cared for your frustrations in a healthy way? …A way in which you seek and even achieve a good amount of freedom from them?

Who can you ask to partner with you to process and care for your frustrations? (None of us are designed to fly solo in any aspect of our lives, including tough stuff.)

What can you do…when the frustrations are overwhelming…to trade them for peace of mind?

Who might you need to go to and say, “I’m dealing with a lot of frustrations, and I’m sorry for any way in which I took them out on you.”

While these are questions for you, let me know if you want to explore them. I’m here to help you plan to be your best.

I look forward to your thoughts...

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