“This is what change looks like: choice.”

For those of us who are leading ourselves and others through change, let’s consider the goodness in this NY Times piece and as well as take one thought by Steve Magness a step further.

I’m referring to, “Simone Biles Just Demonstrated a True Champion Mind-Set” by Lindsay Crouse.

Indeed, “choice” is a key ingredient to navigating change.

As you’ll read, “Steve Magness is a performance coach for Olympians and the author of a forthcoming book, ‘Real Toughness.'”

And he adds, “Performance is all about self-awareness.”

What if we expand that to read, “Performance (leadership) is all about awareness of self and of those we lead?

There’s still an abundance of anxiety, stress, frustration and exhaustion challenging our associates, friends and family, some of which has been brewing for over a year and has yet to be processed.

You and I have choices to make with how we address this.


Are you holding one-on-one and group meetings with members of your team(s) and creating opportunities to conduct healthy, safe settings for processing these challenging times?

Have you partnered with one or more trusted piers or a mentor to process your own stress and frustrations?

Have you advanced your facilitation strategies and skills for those one-on-one and group meetings?

As Laozi wrote, “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

I look forward to your thoughts...

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