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Leadership development, strategic planning and
team-building when you need it most.

If ever there was a time when your teams need to be aligned with strategy and performing at their best, it’s now.

“Everyone’s dealing with change exhaustion.” “How do we lead during a time such as this?” “Which is the best path forward?”

If you’re hearing statements and questions like these, I have good news for you: the teams…and brands…who plan to be their best when they navigate change are going to be the most successful.

Edison A. Machado, Jr., MD, MBA, Chief Quality Officer and Vice President, Strategy of IPRO

What change requires your attention?

Your success…and mine…rides on our strategic plans, operational execution, plus how and what we communicate as we lead ourselves and others. During times when change challenges everything, these are critically important.

I offer highly personalized team programs designed to meet your specific needs and save you time and money. And my first two questions to you will be, “What change requires your attention? And, what are your objectives?”

  • Strategy development

  • Leadership development

  • Strategic planning

  • Branding and strategic marketing

  • Brainstorming and decision-making

  • Strategy execution

  • Align employees with strategy

  • Increase employee performance and productivity

  • Improve teamwork

  • Communication skills development

  • Strengthen the remote team dynamics

  • Strengthen the workplace environment

  • Employee engagement

  • Customer engagement

I consult and facilitate with a question-based methodology that’s positive, encouraging and proven. I look forward to sharing those details with you.

“Great, great program. Apply the strategies to the groups you’re working with. Take what you learned today and tell someone about it.” – Vidra Harris, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Human Resources, Eastern Bank

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