…As You Navigate Change

Distinctly Christian Principles For Leading Yourself And Others Through Change

Rick Cram equips leaders and their teams to be their best as they navigate change

“Do not be anxious about anything” is easier said than done, especially when we experience significant change in our personal and professional lives.

Change can be overwhelming.

The Bible says God has a plan, invites us to be part of it, and calls us to “be strong and courageous.” In effect, God sets for us practical examples of how we, too, should plan, invite others to participate, and be our best.

Rick provides church groups with complimentary talks and workshops to share insights and motivation for how you may PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST … As You Navigate Change.

What You’ll Learn

God’s instructions for how we are to approach and lead ourselves and others through change with confidence and a positive attitude.

How to identify and understand the eight symptoms of change and the ways in which they challenge us.

How Jesus shows us the most important foundational first step in facing change.

The short term and long term benefits of planning and being our best through times of change.

Why and how we are to be bold in creating goals and achieving them.

The positive effects of laughter, and how Rick’s “edutainment” motivates people to learn to be better leaders.

Rick customizes each talk and workshop to be relevant and practical for the people attending.

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About Rick Cram

Rick is a Christian, father, and an expert in engaging and equipping business leaders and their teams to triumph over the challenges associated with change.

He developed PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change, a methodology of eight leadership strategies, based on a combination of Biblical principles and proven success methods applied in his business and personal experiences.

Christian, Caregiver, Worship Leader

Rick’s experience as a Stephen Minister (and Leader) in a lay caring ministry, providing confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting has contributed to his program. He created and led support groups, and is a member of the praise musical group which leads a weekly service at his church.

Motivational Speaker, Consultant

Rick has been the speaker of 1,000 talks and motivational events, and consulted for hundreds of companies. Especially known for his unique use of edutainment, his events are highly interactive and engaging.

Life Experiences

In addition to knowing many blessings in life, Rick has experienced challenges which have directly contributed to his learning how to “be your best” through change. From losing a son the day he was born, to having six operations on his left knee, Rick has experienced grief and many years of debilitating physical pain.

Through his enthusiasm, humor, and faith, you’ll understand why his mission is to help you PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change.

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