Stop at Nothing

In business and in life we face challenges.

“That is the ultimate question for all of us: do our actions reflect our values?”
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Even though I never know which next step forward will include a shot of intense knee pain, I still go for walks. I’ve found it helps to simply remind my brain, “You’re meant to keep moving.” And so I practice “walking out of the pain.”

This is part of my plan as I navigate challenges since surgery #7 in 2019 (a partial revision of a total knee replacement.)

Interesting, walking is less painful on sand. Part of the reason is that I can’t completely straighten my leg, and our knees naturally bend more when we’re walking on a beach. Plus, the sand provides more “give” under our feet. Knowing our knees bear 150% of our body weight when we walk, every bit helps.

(Sometimes I wish I walked on nothing but sandy surfaces, especially when I’m dealing with the hard floors in big-box stores.)

The point is, I’ll stop at nothing to keep moving, to find ways to support pain management, strengthen my legs and hips, and for solutions.

It’s one way I strive to be my best…and carry out my plan.


  • What would it look like if you stopped at nothing in the face of your current challenges?
  • Write them down (on paper, in a document, in your calendar, or the notes of your phone)


  • Look at your list at least once a day, especially soon after you wake up
  • Take action; especially on those which come with ease


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