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You'll gain leadership strategies for turning the challenges of change into action plans for better results.

What to Expect

  • In advance of your call, Rick will send you the PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST Action Plan template, a free Word document you can use for planning and taking notes during your call
  • Your time with Rick will be a working session; you can ask questions and get answers
  • Rick will share insights and practical strategies you can use to be more successful

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Is the change you are navigating...

Briefly describe the nature of the change?
Or, what is the change that requires attention?

Do you have a goal or objective?

Do you have a plan?

When did the change(s) first arise or become evident?

Briefly describe the most significant challenges you’re experiencing.

How do you rate yourself on the following attributes?

Leadership skills

Communication skills



Planning skills

Ability to execute a plan

Learning new strategies and skills

Applying new strategies and skills

Positive attitude

Select the description that most applies to each statement below.

I am a bottom line person

I am a process oriented person

I am sociable and personable

I am creative

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12 Questions to Ask Now As You Lead Yourself and Others Through Change

Bring your curiosity to these insightful questions and you'll see two benefits: your brain rewards you for being curious (less stress); and your answers will create clarity you can put to good use as you plan to be your best.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this and your answers.