rick-cram-video-2The daily release of each new free video is underway as part of the Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinar Series.

When my video is published today, it will be available for 48 hours only.

Takeaways include…

  • Why asking questions – the right questions – is the key to interactive and transformative training
  • The critical importance of communicating passion – genuine passion – for the content you are presenting
  • How giving people the opportunity to be listened to and heard in training turns good training into great

It’s a complimentary professional development program for those who register, and so is my special offer for a Free Engagement Review, a 30-minute strategic evaluation to help your programs be more engaging.

Another 15 strategy-rich interviews will follow featuring an amazing line-up of training professionals in the following weeks. Click “Learn More…” below for profiles of all speakers.


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Free Download

12 Questions to Ask Now As You Lead Yourself and Others Through Change

Bring your curiosity to these insightful questions and you'll see two benefits: your brain rewards you for being curious (less stress); and your answers will create clarity you can put to good use as you plan to be your best.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this and your answers.