Walk this way.

Ethan is a friend of mine who is incredibly passionate about long distance events. He does marathons, even 50- and 100-mile ultramarathons every year.

Halfway through a 48-hour footrace in California, a world-class runner named Ray came up alongside of Ethan and said, “Do you mind walking with me for a minute? I have a question for you.”

Ethan recognized Ray and immediately agreed.
As the two slowed down to a walk, Ray asked, “How does your back feel?”

“It’s amazing you ask because my back hurts a lot,” Ethan replied. “In fact, it hurts during every race and has for years. I’ve learned to press through each event despite the pain.”

Ray said, “I can tell from your posture. You’re always looking down. Keep your chin up and look ahead as we walk for the next minute, then keep it up as we get back to running.”

Ethan took his advice then soon exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! The pain is gone.”

We are designed to walk and to run but do so in proper alignment. Looking down causes pain. Looking up … with our focus on the course ahead … is how we are made to pursue our goals.

As you chase your business, professional and personal goals, keep your chin up, look straight ahead and enjoy the journey; challenges and all.

My best to you,



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