Communication Strategies for QueBIT’s Millennial Consultants



QueBIT is a leader in Business Analytics and Advanced Analytics with IBM Cognos TM1, SPSS, providing training, consulting and implementation support services.


Most of QueBIT’s consultants are Millennials, needing to gain the trust of clients twice their age

Objectives for their annual company meeting:

  • Have fun with an engaging and motivating program
  • Gain strategies and skills they can use to improve the way they communicate with clients and each other
  • Include a special focus on active listening
  • Strengthen their sense of team work
  • Refresh their commitment to the QueBIT brand


A Half-Day Leadership Development Experience Based on Rick’s 7Cs of Compelling Communication

Rick Cram customize an interactive program with a focus on advanced communication strategies.


  • 7 Points of customization
  • Practical application of 7 communication strategies
  • Full-audience participation
  • Featured creative “edutainment” to engage and educate Millennials
  • Incorporate into the program a QueBIT brand experience


“Today’s session was very successful and we had a lot of fun in the process.” -Gary Quirke, CEO, QueBIT

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Catherine Jirak, COO, QueBIT

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