PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change

All of the strategies and skills sets within Rick’s framework are ready to be personalized for what you need most right now. Rick is an expert at listening and responding to your needs.

Strategic planning, leadership development, brainstorming...

….and decision-making, plus advanced communication strategies are the main pillars of the full program.

Let Rick share with you the details, including how his approach to facilitating and consulting is the most credible, relevant and unique option you’ll find.

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"Previous facilitators were not nearly as effective as you..."
“…most notably was the way you galvanized us. The methodology you used was much more precise and I personally felt like I was part of a solution with ideas and thoughts freely flowing. Thank you again for your innovative approach.”

Joseph Avena
Senior Director, IPRO

…As a Team

“Team synergy.” There’s a plan for that, and your teams will craft their unique plans as well as grow stronger and more productive with Rick’s interactive, strategic program.

"Collaboration." "Team goals." "Accountability."

Those are just a few of the words shared by participants to reflect what they got out of Rick’s program, as well as what went into their team synergy plans.

What’s included in Rick’s planning and teambuilding sessions:

  • Eight PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST strategies designed for developing a higher level of team synergy
  • A non-stop interactive experience
  • Personalized exercises and strategy questions based on the issues and priorities your team(s) are working through
  • Tailored brand-building elements and edutainment features

Contact Rick today to discuss your team synergy goals and needs.

"Our leadership team needed to overcome tough challenges..."
“Rick delivered the best program we ever had, with new and very usable, practical tools, and we became more a motivated and re-energized team in the process.”

Jay White
Owner, Burger King Franchise: Two Guys Foods, Inc.

PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …At Employee Engagement

Today’s low level of engagement has a costly effect on the bottom line, productivity, team synergy and the health of each individual in the organization. But there’s a plan for this.

And it's waiting to be crafted for your unique culture...

Here’s a sample of what you’ll gain:

  • How to create an employee engagement plan that’s in alignment with your goals, culture and organizational mission.
  • How to measure engagement now and later so you can demonstrate results and improve engagement in the process
  • How to leverage the most engaging communications strategies which build trust-based relationships and drives positive change
  • How to plan and produce shared experiences which build engagement, team synergy and your brand

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"It accomplished what we planned…to engage..."
“…to get them involved and to motivate them for the upcoming sales year. We hit all the bases. It was great.

Steve Graham
Thomas J. Lipton Company

…As a Facilitator

More than just holding effective meetings (remotely or in person), the success of your teams…and your leadership…will be greatly determined by your ability as a facilitator.

And effective facilitation begins before the start of any meeting.

While your personalized program will depend on your current skill level and goals, it will draw on the three main parts of the PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST framework:

  • Leadership and planning strategies and skills
  • Commmunication strategies and skills
  • Brainstorming and decision-making processes

To request a complimentary consultation, please contact Rick directly using the form below.

"Rick is a true communications pro."
“You worked with our objectives, a short time frame and our team with leadership and talent.”

Nickolas Stavropoulos
President, KeySpan Energy

…At Planning

If you’re asking questions, then you’re planning (sort of). The challenge is to ask the right questions, get sound answers and turn them into results. Real plans produce better results.

If you're ready to plan, then you're ready to take your...
…success to new heights…in work, in life, and in your relationships.

The key is to know how to plan and how to implement.

These are learned skills. We’re not born with them. And even though most people and business don’t plan, studies show planning and taking specific actions dramatically increase your odds of achieving your goals.

Rick will partner with you and show you how.

To request a complimentary consultation, please contact Rick directly using the form below.

"The people who plan and know what it means to..."

“…be their best are going to be the most successful.”

Rick Cram

..At Marketing

Is it time to reimagine your branding and marketing and achieve better results. As a marketing and communications expert and consultant to hundreds of clients, Rick will show you how.

+81% +43% +100% +27% +71% These actual outcomes...

…are what Rick’s clients have achieved from applying the strategies within PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change.

It’s a more effective way to…

  • Branding
  • Developing marketing strategies and plans
  • Messaging development
  • Brainstorming and decision-making
  • Effective promotional development
  • Tactical communications
  • Fundraising (for non-profits)

With the experience from Rick’s 30+ years in all forms of marketing, together you’ll drive change and achieve your goals.

"In the five years I worked with Rick, I counted on his advice..."
“…and good judgment, and it never failed me.”

Joan Fallon
Vice President, External Affairs, Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children

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