…As You Navigate Change

PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST is a methodology designed to…

1  Equip you with eight (8) leadership strategies to lead yourself and others through change

2  Create a strategic plan specific to the business or professional change you are navigating or driving

Rick Cram leads an interactive workshop for QueBIT, providing leadership strategies and communication strategies for their 50 consultants


Leadership development, strategic planning and team building takes place simultaneously.
You’ll have a lot of fun in the process, too.

How and why the stress of change adversely affects individuals and teams, and why these strategies effectively provide an antidote

What leadership tools successful executives use to keep morale high when change rears its ugly head

The top 8 coping strategies to avoid corporate, team and personal chaos

The exact action steps that keep both productivity and revenue high 
when change challenges both

How to develop a sound, strategic plan that trades uncertainty for confidence in your success

How to use your emotional intelligence to increase self-confidence and greater personal resilience for you and your team

How to use effective conflict resolution as a way to influence and inspire others

How to be fearless in your planning and in the execution of your plan

And Most Importantly…

How to increase your overall self-confidence and leadership skills as you lead yourself and others through the challenge of coping with business and professional change

If you’re dealing with Change with your Business or in your Professional Life, whether it’s involving your brand, market conditions, teams, productivity, professional relationships, career, money, or even time management, now is the perfect time to take charge.

With over 25 years of experience in the events and meetings industry, Rick will tailor and facilitate your programs to bring out the best in your conference or workshop.

1 Scheduling and Duration
The entire PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST methodology and supporting workshops include a wealth of professional development and content. They’re best delivered in multiple workshops. Are you looking for a program that will span the weeks, months or year(s) ahead, or a one-time event? Rick will work with you to map-out a practical schedule. For each individual program, half-day, one- and two-day programs are recommended.

2 Skill Practice Sets and Worksheets
Based on your needs and the amount of time available in each session, Rick will customize the amount and types of interactive skills sets and working with planning documents (included in the PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST Workbook).

3 “Edutainment” That Educates and Entertains Rick’s unique form of edutainment…content that has both educational and entertainment value…is one of the reasons why clients find his programs so effective.

4 Incorporating On Your Brand Story HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Rick uses brief references to the story of your brand, and the changes it has seen, as a powerful way of introducing each strategy in his methodology. It reinforces the success your organization has experienced through changes in the past, and it strengthens the bond between your people and your brand.

5 Pre- and Post-Event Engagement
Rick uses email and other media to build pre-event buzz, as well as post-event motivation to apply what was learned in each session.

The entire PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST methodology and supporting workshops include a wealth of professional develop and content, all of which will engage and equip you and your teams to be more successful.

Brainstorming And Decision-Making
There’s an art and science to making insightful, sound and strategic decisions. Rick facilitates one or a series, each of which is an interactive work session and lends his experience in consulting with hundreds of companies on such topics as branding, strategy, market research, customer engagement, employee engagement, and communications.

Implementing Your Plan
This is a highly-customized workshop entirely centered around the plan you have made and the challenges you are facing while implementing it. This focuses on the follow-through of the PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST strategies, planning tools, teamwork practices, communications, and time management.

Teaching Your Teams The PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST Strategies And Methodology
Are your leaders ready to teach their teams to PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST? Rick will teach them how with tools for keeping themselves and their team members on track and on task.

PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Communicate
Learn and apply seven powerful communication strategies that will help you be more impactful and influential, by building relationships based on trust. This is based on “The 7Cs of Compelling Communication” by Rick Cram. Companies and individuals use these for marketing, sales, consulting, presentations, speech development, management team communication strategies, and more.

This is available for groups as well as confidential, one-on-one consulting engagements.

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12 Questions to Ask Now As You Lead Yourself and Others Through Change

Bring your curiosity to these insightful questions and you'll see two benefits: your brain rewards you for being curious (less stress); and your answers will create clarity you can put to good use as you plan to be your best.

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