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In business and in life, having a plan and
being your best are your keys to success.

Changes, especially the major ones, have a unique way of compromising our ability to navigate them as well as we’d like to. Yet, imagine being able to overcome each overwhelming challenge you’re experiencing.

My approach is to take emotion out of the process, except in two ways: we’ll leverage your unique desire to succeed, and we’ll reimagine how your emotional intelligence will increase your self confidence and resilience.

That’s what happens when we get strategic, create a plan, and bring it to life.

From the video: phrases and strategies to add when navigating change...

Here are three phrases to “add to your vocabulary”…

  1. What I experience doesn’t define me.
  2. How I deal with my challenges reflects who I really am.
  3. My best work, successes, days and years are ahead of me.

Strategies from PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change:

  1. Don’t go it alone. Who can you partner with; someone who will be a trusted sounding-board, encouraging and will teach you strategy?
  2. Trade uncertainty for clarity by making a plan. Write down even just one goal and one thing you can do to achieve it.
  3. Take action. Do those things that come naturally, easily. Go with the flow.

In the five years I worked with Rick, I counted on his advice and good judgment, and it never failed me.

Joan Fallon
Vice President, External Affairs
Tufts Medical Center

I help people plan, lead and communicate their way to success.

Through working with hundreds of individuals and organizations, as well as through my life experiences (e.g. seven surgeries on my left knee, and more), I’ve found that the people who plan to be their best as they navigate change are going to be the most successful.

Let me show you how this applies in business and in life.

For your professional life and business:

  • Leadership strategies and skills
  • Business branding and strategic marketing
  • Strategic planning for your career
  • Personal branding
  • Brainstorming and decision-making
  • Strategies and motivation for taking action
  • Communication strategies and skills
  • Productivity strategies and skills
  • Teamwork strategies and skills

For your personal life:

  • Strategies for times of overwhelming uncertainty
  • Strategies and motivation for taking action
  • Communication strategies and skills
  • How to navigate physical pain
  • Relationship strategies and skills
  • Family strategies and skills
  • Personal growth

I use a question-based approach that’s positive, encouraging and proven. I apply the active-listening skills that I teach, and I collaborate with you in the same planning process that’s worked for hundreds of individuals and businesses.

I look forward to sharing more with you as well as to learning what you’re experiencing.

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