prepare-post-itPREPARE — I don’t mean to oversimplify this, but I can tell you that I was better prepared for navigating my sixth knee operation than I was the first. The same was true the seventh time I worked with a team to revitalize their faltering brand. Experience is a great educator.

I found — and I see clients discover this time and again — that what it truly means to “be prepared” is essential to planning and to navigating changes and challenges. That’s why this is the first leadership strategy in the PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST system.

Yet, it’s the second most highly rated strategy by leaders; a distant second to LISTEN, which evokes strong feelings when they realize how they can immediately be more successful by being better listeners.

But let me encourage you, if you’re navigating changes and challenges, consider what it means to be a prepared leader

To be prepared is half the victory? – Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish Novelist, Poet and Playwright

 Change Happens

lanedropHave you ever seen a sign that says, “Change is Coming?” (don’t we wish). As human beings when change comes a-knockin we feel…and think…that change threatens our very way of life.

It creates a heightened desire and need for control. And when we feel like this, it hinders clear-thinking, decision-making, and it can shake our sense of esteem and identity.


Being prepared means to be able, and yes, willing to address the change and to make a plan. Asking and answering this question is the first step to creating and preparing to make a real plan:

What is the change that requires attention?

BE YOUR BEST – Stay Anchored

The way the people of Boston responded to the Boston Marathon bombings is a dramatic but clear example of what we need to do, no matter the nature or scope of our challenges. They anchored themselves in their identity: “Boston Strong”.

Likewise, “Who am I?” and “Who are we?” need to be answered at the outset of planning. What are your defining attributes; your qualities that are true, admirable and unchanging? Write them down. Stay anchored.