“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A preview to the webinar on the “Encourage” leadership strategy.


As four executives were leaving a meeting with their CEO, they heard this, “I just want you to know that I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work!”

The first executive thought, “Ah, yes! I’m a shining example of how to get the job done.”
The second thought, “I’m so glad the CEO likes me.”
The third, “I am a winner.”
The fourth, “I feel incredibly inspired. I can’t wait to encourage my team, too.”

Isn’t it interesting how differently people will react to the same message? 

The reactions of these executives reflect two facets in the science of encouragement as a leadership strategy.

The first involves the three “directions” of encouragement, which you can see in these questions:

  1. What encouragement do you need and from whom?
  2. What encouragement is need by others … from you?
  3. What affirmations do you need to say to yourself?

Especially during times of change, encouragement provides direction and energy for yourself and others.

The second facet involves different personality types. As a leader, you’re better equipped to lead yourself and others through change when you know the four basic personality types, the kind of encouragement they need, and why.

During tomorrow’s webinar we will look at each of the four personality types and the “language” of each. You’ll see how the reaction of each one above reveals the four types.

If you can’t attend, simply reply and I’ll send you a brief explanation with tips on how to apply this insight with your teams.

Most of all, I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday to discuss how you can be an encouraging leader and PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change.

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