“I don’t have time to plan.”

Several hours into a workshop, just as 50 bank executives and I are getting into the thick of the fourth leadership strategy (Now) in “PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST”, I see a hand rise up. Aha, I thought, I love challenging comments.

Then we all hear, “I don’t have time to plan,” and across the room there was an audible unease, even some chuckles, in reaction to this rather dissenting perspective.

The truth is, it’s an honest and typical statement. It reflects a powerful urge; a natural impulse for many brought on by the stress of change. The problem is, that urge is dangerous and will keep people stuck in a less productive, even ineffective state, operating more like a ping pong ball bouncing from one irrelevant task to another.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Pablo Picasso

Spanish Painter, Poet, Playwright

One of the reasons the Now strategy exists is to break through that impulse.

 After all, successfully leading yourself and others through change involves making informed and insightful choices and directing actions. Planning.


Take a few minutes right now to describe what success looks like to you. In a document create sections for Objectives and Strategies. (Or, contact me for my template.) Starting with Objectives, list both short term and long term goals that relate specifically to the change you are navigating. For each Objective, think at least one approach (Strategy) to achieving it. Your plan is now taking shape.



Let the process of planning help to channel your energies. The act of creating ideas will produce an energy of its own. Magnify that energy by having others on your team (or trusted friends) participate in the process. The more ideas the better.


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