How to Spark Curiosity for Effective Team Planning

While it makes sense that leaders are seeing an atrophy in curiosity, being inquisitive is vitally important in the process of planning.

Fortunately, there’s a plan for that.

10 Facilitation Techniques for Sparking Curiosity

  1. Create times to plan as a team…frequently.
  2. Encourage them to bring their ideas and curiosity.
  3. Model curiosity: be inquisitive; demonstrate active listening.
  4. Understand the motivations of each team member, and ask questions which connect their motivations to the objectives and possible solutions.
  5. Ask open-ended questions, like: “What if…” and “What would it look like if…”
  6. Trade judging ideas for asking questions with the aim of building on their ideas.
  7. Compliment others for their curiosity.
  8. Share your ideas only after everyone has shared theirs.
  9. Break so that each team member can have solo time to reflect and imagine.
  10. Reconvene to share more and proceed with making decisions.

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