How to Free Yourself from Stress and Negative Emotions

With tips for you and team leaders.

“What worries you, masters you.”

– John Locke

Those worries, stressors and negative emotions can and will hold us back from being our best.

If you want to free yourself from the grip of stressors, emotions and fears, express them; it puts you in the fast lane to moving forward.

Here are a few questions and thoughts on how you can process them, which reflect insights I’ve gained from dealing with the stress and emotions of intense physical pain for 40 years.


What are the words and phrases which describe the stress and emotions you’re feeling? Make a list.

What are the sources and the triggers which intensify them?

What are the negative as well as the positive aspects of the stress and emotions?


With an eye on how stress and emotions, like frustration, might have a negative affect on your energy, focus and wellbeing, repeat this exercise on a regular basis…especially before they boil over.

Team-up with others. While expressing these on your own is very healthy, there are added benefits to processing stress and emotions with a trusted friend or colleague, as well as with a group or team. And model for them active listening, with a focus on understanding, encouragement and compassion.

Team leaders: create a psychologically safe space for your team to express their stress in positive ways, and make it a conversation. As an effective facilitator, you can lead by example and strengthen team cohesion which will lead to improved team work and productivity. 

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