“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

– W. H. Murray

A preview to the webinar on the BOLD leadership strategy. 


How do you define being your best?

When I put this question to Dan Elsener, credited with saving a failing Marian College, now the thriving Marian University in Indianapolis, he talked of how being bold is a natural inclination. He said, “My personality is that of a ‘maximizer’ and I find it easier to do big things than smaller things.”

The BOLD leadership strategy in PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change is designed to equip you to…

  • Be bold in your planning and leading
  • Be assertive in the way you communicate

Questions have a wonderful way of challenging us how to be bold in our planning. When working with clients one on one as well as during workshops, these two questions often first produce a chuckle; one that seems to say, “Oh, I wish!”

And yet, they are important to ask … and answer … if we are to learn how to do what may not come so naturally or believe is truly possible.

What path forward requires the greatest amount of courage?

Before you answer this consider *courage*. I’ve found the combination of conviction and wisdom is the fuel that makes courage fire-up. That means a strong belief AND insight (knowledge and understanding) are needed to answer this question.

If you were “king” (the leader and free to do anything) what would you do?

Leaders, I encourage you to first ask this of your teams before answering.

Teams, I hope you’re being asked this question.

Openly discussing your collective answers to these questions requires some boldness. (Not all corporate cultures support this.) However, when you do, you’re on your way to successfully navigating change and doing so as a stronger team.

“Freedom lies in being bold,” wrote Robert Frost. Be bold and observe the freedom that follows.

I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday to discuss how you can gain this freedom and PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change.

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