Here's my "why". What's yours?

Having a clearly defined sense of purpose is essential in business, our professional lives, as well as in our personal lives. It fuels our passions, brings out the best in us, and is an anchor when the going gets tough.

There are a few specific reasons why I work with business leaders, corporate executives and their teams to triumph over business and professional change.

  1. Employee engagement, teamwork, productivity, and profits suffer because of the way we naturally respond to change. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I want to and can do something about it.
  2. From over 30 years of consulting companies through change, and living through a few personal challenges of my own (e.g. six operations on my left knee), I learned that the people who plan to be their best when navigating change are going to be the most successful.
  3. Eight specific leadership strategies effectively turn change into a opportunities to dramatically improve the way we communicate and work together, and raise our levels of productivity, engagement, and profits.

Oh, one more… Having fun in the process of sharing these strategies with you is an absolute must, based on what I’ve learned from being the speaker of 1,000 motivational talks, meetings, and customer and employee engagement events. I love to fun.

Every time you experience PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST© …As You Navigate Change, “edutainment” is a key and powerful factor. Besides, laughing reduces the amount of cortisol in our brains. It’s the “stress hormone” that overflows and clouds our thinking, thanks to the amount of anxiety from change and ongoing uncertainty.

The bottom line for me is that I want to play a significant role in your success. I’m fortunate enough to have the experience and insight to offer, and seeing it benefit thousands of others motivates me to do even more.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your “why”?
If you’ve never written it down, I encourage you do write it out, right now. Do it for yourself, and if you feel like sharing it with me or others, that’s great. I believe we should all share what drives us. At a minimum, we then understand a good measure more of how we can encourage each other.

My best to you,



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