Expressly for Leaders In Financial Services


I equip business leaders, corporate executives and their teams how to triumph over business, professional and personal change, no matter how tough things get.
As a Consultant and Speaker, I specialize in…

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Communication Strategies
  • Employee and Customer Engagement

Improve performance, increase productivity and invigorate employee engagement.

Great, great program. He has given us some great strategies in PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST. They’re wonderful. Apply them to the groups you’re working with. These can be incredibly powerful. Take what you learned today and tell someone about it.
Vidra Harris

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Human Resources, Eastern Bank

As You Navigate Change

During Rick’s Programs You Will Learn:

All eight (8) leadership strategies in the methodology

 The insightful questions leaders ask – and answer – to develop effective plans and to understand how to be their best

The top coping strategies to avoid corporate, team and personal chaos

The exact action steps that reinvigorates productivity and engagement 
when change challenges both

How to use your emotional intelligence to increase self-confidence and greater personal resilience for you and your team

How to use effective conflict resolution as a way to influence and inspire others

How to increase your overall self-confidence and leadership skills as you lead yourself and others through the challenge of coping with change


The interactive engagement and teambuilding techniques that have gotten rave reviews by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of attendees of Rick’s programs

Allmerica Financial, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dunkin’ Donuts, Eastern Bank, ESPN, Fruité and Rougemont juice brands, Federal Home Loan Banks, Fidelity Investments, IPRO, LABCORP, Marriott, Microsoft, People’s United Bank, QueBIT, Sanofi, Scotiabank, Tufts Medical Center, Verizon, and many more.
I’ve had the honor of consulting for hundreds of companies and the privilege of being the speaker of 1,000 talks, meetings, and customer and employee engagement events.

Rick’s program really, really helped us – and helped me personally – in trying to look at and approach change moving forward.

Edison Machado

Chief Quality Officer, Vice President of Strategy, IPRO

In the five years I worked with Rick, I counted on his advice and good judgment, and it never failed me.

Joan Fallon

Vice President, External Affairs, Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children

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12 Questions to Ask Now As You Lead Yourself and Others Through Change

Bring your curiosity to these insightful questions and you'll see two benefits: your brain rewards you for being curious (less stress); and your answers will create clarity you can put to good use as you plan to be your best.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this and your answers.