Case Study: Brand Experience

Nationwide B2B Promotional Tour

ScotiabankScotiabank wanted to capture the attention of mortgage brokers across the country. They needed something bold and engaging.

Rick Cram developed a series of events that delivered.

Using an original game show production, Rick was able to entertain and inform over 500 mortgage brokers.

Scotiabank's mortgage lending surged to a commanding lead in market share.

How can a customer-focused event impact your bottom line? Contact Rick and find out. Call 617-500-0006.

7 Success Tips

  1. Create a concept that reflects the uniqueness of your brand
  2. Make it highly interactive
  3. Use the power of Q&A to make it educational
  4. Group people into teams
  5. Give them the option to sit or stand
  6. Think of your next event as "live social media"
  7. Apply performance metrics; you'll see results you can use

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