Change. There’s a plan for that.

“To be prepared is half the victory,” wrote Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist, poet and playwright. And this is where planning for change begins…even if change has been challenging everything for weeks, months or even for years. It’s never too late to get prepared and to plan.

Here’s part of what being prepared and planning looks like:

1. Hit the “Pause Button” and take time to answer the first of several questions:

What change requires attention?
Name it. Clearly and directly.

What is your identity; your defining attributes (true, admirable and unchangeable)?
This is important because change has a powerful way of shaking our sense of self (individually as well as for teams and organizations/brands). Also, there’s a direct link between “I am ______.” …and… “I can _______.”

What is the “Why?” behind the goals you’re working to achieve?
Listing two or three reasons starts to build your sense of purpose, which becomes a powerful source of encouragement and motivation for you.

2. Understand that your primary reactions to what’s changing are emotional.

You and I are hard-wired to first respond with emotions to experiences and what’s being communicated to us. Then, we seek to rationalize those emotional reactions. Being prepared, and effective planning involves being aware of this AND taking emotion out of the equation.

3. Assemble your team.

We’re created to do just about everything with others, especially the more challenging aspects of life and work. The same is true for navigating change and planning. Even if you team-up with one other person, s/he can be a powerful sounding board for you and play a supportive role in sorting through those emotional reactions (above), and setting them aside.

If you would like to have your own personal MY PLAN webpage where you can build a confidential plan (with objectives, strategies and tactics), contact me through the form below.

Meanwhile, what is the change you’re navigating, and what would it look like if you’re prepared, and have a plan?

I look forward to your thoughts...

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