How to Create the Building Blocks of Acceptance

Positive and encouraging insights from PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Pain.

Below is Part I, in which I explain how I trade the automatic response of fighting the pain with going with the flow; fighting forward.

Whatever the pain, emotional or physical, we all want to get to a point where we experience acceptance so that we can move forward with hope. But how do we do that while pain is still overwhelming? After watching the videos, practice these three steps:


Pause, center yourself and take at least one, good deep breath. You’re now being intentional and focusing on caring for yourself.


Consider one, two or three different healthy and positive thoughts, emotions or actvities that could possibly process and release the burden and stress of the pain, and lift you up.

For such moments I have prepared a list of options to choose from, like a menu, including: deep breathing, journaling, being thankful, talk with friend, and step outside to take in a moment of nature.

Which one of your options seems as those you can do it right now without forcing it?


There’s power and magic when we take these steps:

Think it. Say it. Write it. Do it.

Now’s the time to do the one thing you choose.

Your best is greater than the pain.

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“Your best is greater than the pain.”
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