7 Business Lessons from 7 Knee Surgeries – #5

Credit for this humorous and valuable lesson goes to a physical therapist who talked about playing tennis. I hope the moral of the story rings true for you, especially if you’re navigating change.

Here are three phrases to “add to your vocabulary”…

  1. What I experience doesn’t define me.
  2. How I deal with my challenges reflects who I really am.
  3. My best work, successes, days and years are ahead of me.

Strategies from PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change:


  1. Don’t go it alone. Who can you partner with; someone who will be a trusted sounding-board, encouraging and will teach you strategy?
  2. Trade uncertainty for clarity by making a plan. Write down even just one goal and one thing you can do to achieve it.
  3. Take action. Do those things that come naturally, easily. Go with the flow.
As you lead yourself and others through these times, let me encourage you to plan, plan, plan – like never before – and use strategies like this to engage and encourage each other. You’ll turn challenges into opportunities.

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