7 Business Lessons from 7 Knee Surgeries – #3

During times of change and challenges, especially like now…
“Your role is more important than ever,” explains Rick Cram.

As you lead yourself and others through change, here are ways you can play a positive role:

  • Promote greater communication throughout the organization as well as with clients/customers and partners; listen, ask smart questions, share observations and concerns
  • Actively plan on an ongoing basis; refresh…weekly if necessary…objectives, strategies and tactics; this exercise is empowering even when people feel powerless
  • Hold more frequent one-on-one and team meetings to review what progress is taking place and to openly address challenges, including the emotions people are feeling; meeting them head-on
  • Make brainstorming a more frequent activity
  • Celebrate good news, achievements, etc.
  • Be encouraging: “Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
As you lead yourself and others through these times, let me encourage you to plan, plan, plan – like never before – and use strategies like this to engage and encourage each other.

You’ll turn challenges into opportunities.

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There are two parts to this strategy. I’ve found this works well as part of a wide set of strategies to help overcome the “overwhelmings” of challenges. In essence, this recognizes that pain, in any form, is a whole-person experience and that caring for the whole person provides multiple benefits.
Just as I’ve seen how lessons from business can apply to my personal life, many of the lessons I’ve learned through seven knee surgeries since a football injury 45 years ago have applications in business, as well.

Here’s the first of seven which I hope will serve you well, especially during such a challenging time as now in 2020.

I look forward to your thoughts and the lessons you’ve learned in business and life.

It’s a strategic framework that simultaneously equips you and your teams to lead through change, be more productive and grow closer together as a team.

A new welcome message from Rick Cram.
As you probably know now more than ever, the challenges associated with change compromise our ability to plan, lead and move forward.

I’m here to help with the experience of consulting for hundreds of companies (as well as from navigating and growing through seven surgeries on my left knee).

With PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST …As You Navigate Change©, I consult and facilitate for leadership and management teams and individuals with a more strategic way to plan, make decisions and communicate.

It’s a strategic framework that simultaneously equips you and your teams to lead through change, be more productive and grow closer together as a team.

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