Rick’s program really, really helped us – and helped me personally – in trying to look at and approach change moving forward.

Edison Machado, MD, MBA

Chief Quality Officer, Vice President of Strategy, IPRO

In the five years I worked with Rick, I counted on his advice and good judgment,
and it never failed me.

Joan Fallon

Vice President, External Affairs, Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children

Today’s session was very successful and we had a lot of fun in the process.

Gary Quirke


You created and produced one of our most successful and longest running promotions. Your creativity, service and attention to every detail was superb.

Chris Karas


Rick is a true communications pro.

Nickolas Stavropoulos

President, KeySpan Energy

Rick is a truly gifted communicator and presenter.

Mary Ellen Slater

Creative Director, Slater Studios

You helped us plan and produce the most successful and unique sales and marketing meeting we’ve ever had. You worked with our objectives, a short time frame and our committee with leadership and talent.

Nickolas Stavropoulos

President, KeySpan Energy

Right on the money! It accomplished what we planned…to engage, to get them involved and to motivate them for the upcoming sales year. We hit all the bases. It was great. I enjoyed the way you tailored it to the industry with the input we gave you. You kept everyone’s attention, and everyone in the room. You were key to building the camaraderie and the new team spirit.

Steve Graham

Thomas J. Lipton Company

As a manager with a large staff I can appreciate having a goal and a short time to meet it. You did that during the retreat and I was impressed with the result.

Facilitators at previous retreats were not nearly as effective as you – most notably was the way you warmed the group up and galvanized us. The methodology you used was much more precise that facilitators we had at our previous retreats. I personally felt like I was part of a solution with ideas and thoughts freely flowing.

Thank you again for your innovative approach.

Joseph Avena

Senior Director, IPRO